Hangzhou Tao Xingzhi Research Institute is located inside the picturesque campus of Hangzhou Polytechnic (HZPT), a publicly-run vocational college sponsored by Hangzhou Municipal Government. HZPT, whose history dates back to the founding of Zhejiang Xianghu Normal School (founded by Tao Xingzhi in 1928), was officially established in 2009.
    The predecessor of Hangzhou Tao Xingzhi Research Institute was Zhejiang Xianghu Normal School’s Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall. The Institute now acts as the general office of Hangzhou Tao Xingzhi Study Association. It is composed of two exhibition halls, a lecture hall, a reception room and a reference room, which covers a total floorage over 3000 square meters. Many volumes of Mr. Tao’s original work and some historic items used in the initial period of Zhejiang Xianghu Normal School are now on exhibit in the Institute, such as an old piano. Particularly, the Institute holds a piece of authentic calligraphy of Tao Xingzhi’s quotation written by Guo Moruo, a world-renowned scholar in modern China. Gu Mingyuan, president of the Chinese Society of Education, inscribed the name for the Institute.
    The exhibition mainly includes three parts. Part One:Introduction of Tao Xingzhi. Part Two: Connection between Tao Xingzhi and Hangzhou. Part Three: Tao’s theories and activities to promote education reform and development.
    The institute will not only be an important carrier of the college history and campus culture, but also serve as an important base for patriotic education, as well as a research center for Tao Xingzhi’s education theories and vocational education.



Address: No. 198 Gaoke Rd., Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China 311402 浙ICP備09020157號-6