HZPT Profile

Located in Hangzhou, a picturesque city renowned as one of the cultural and educational hubs in eastern China, Hangzhou Polytechnic (HZPT) is a publicly-run technical college sponsored by Hangzhou Municipal Government and licensed by the Ministry of Education of China. In several forms and under various names, the institution has operated since 1916. In February 2009, HZPT was adopted as the official name.

Based across Hangzhou, HZPT has three metropolitan campuses in Gaoqiao, downtown, and Yanzhou. Gaoqiao Campus, the newly-built main campus, boasts excellent learning resources complementing HZPT’s training programs in modern facilities. The campus covers an area over 47 hectares, while the floorage occupies 320,000 square meters. All the campus structures, teaching and training buildings, the Innovation & Pioneering Park (Entrepreneurship Park), library, Tao Xingzhi (Education Thoughts) Research Center (College History Museum), recreation and sports center (with a 1000-seat theatre and a 3000-seat gym), catering center, dorms, with the surrounding green hills and a clear river nearby, have jointly made HZPT one of the most pleasant, humanistic, ecology-friendly college in Zhejiang Province.

Full-time enrolments of HZPT are over 9,000. Seven academic schools together with a division offering public courses, there are a variety of study options ranging from civil engineering, electronic & information engineering, mechanical & electrical engineering, artistic design and media, to management programs such as economy and tourism. HZPT is now offering 31 programs (majors). The current staff number is 520. Among the total, over 340 hold professional titles, 100 of whom are high-ranking professionals.

HZPT positions the college running as cultivating quality specialized talents with high standardized applied professional techniques for the front line of manufacturing, civil engineering, management and modern services as well. Today, HZPT offers a diverse range of innovative, hands-on programs to equip students with the knowledge and skills to excel in an evolving and challenging marketplace.

HZPT adheres to the career-oriented programs for people seeking personal and professional growth. It promotes practical excellence, personal responsibility, and commitment to service through college-enterprise cooperation. HZPT features programs of modern service and hi-tech, with a rational education system embracing different disciplines that complement each other for coordinated development. The programs include automobile moulds, electronic & information engineering, artistic design, cultural creativity and media, economics and trade, tourism & leisure, and preschool education.

Taking a road to combine work with study, and to strengthen college-enterprise cooperation, HZPT, aiming at a successful technical college, cultivates talented persons through excellent internship programs. The college has set up 14 in-house practice bases (labs) for various functions. Among them, two are respectively accredited as Municipal Key Lab and Provincial Key Practice Base; one is entitled as Model Practice Base and gets regular financial support from the Central Finance of China. Besides, HZPT has 72 off-campus practice bases. Till today, the college has established cooperative ties with nearly 100 prestigious enterprises in China, which are renowned giants in different industries.

HZPT attaches importance to education internationalization and has so far successively established academic ties with colleges or universities from the United States, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and Chinese Taiwan, for cooperation and exchanges. The college has been fulfilling as well the mission of dispatching qualified teachers of Chinese abroad to teach the Chinese language and culture. United as one, all members of HZPT are making concerted efforts to strive towards the objective of building the institution into a top class technical college in the Province even in the country.



Address: No. 198 Gaoke Rd., Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China 311402 浙ICP備09020157號-6