China Study Trip Program of HZPT for Foreign Universities
I. Hangzhou Polytechnic
Hangzhou Polytechnic (HZPT) is invested by the Hangzhou Municipal government, mainly focusing on cultivating young generation with high standardized applied professional techniques for the front line of production, construction, management and services as well. Founded in 2009, HZPT, today, has four campuses (Gaoqiao, Cuiyuan, Yanan Road, and Yanzhou Campuses). These buildings house libraries with over 500,000 books, laboratory complexes, and many other state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, HZPT operates 72 off-campus practice bases for students.

HZPT now has over 6,500 full-time students. It employs a team of 479 full-time working staff, among which over 340 hold professional titles, 100 of whom are high-ranking professionals.

HZPT pays high attention and great efforts to internationalization. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with more than 10 universities and higher educational institutions outside the mainland China, including universities and academic institutes in United States, Germany, Russia, Australia, Ukraine and Taiwan.

II. Program
1. Requirements for Candidates
At present, HZPT only receives grouped students organized by a foreign higher education institution. And the students should be present registered fulltime students in the institution.

2. Action Plan of the program
The activities for the program can be divided into the following categories.
Instruction: to teach basic Chinese phonetics and fundamental everyday Chinese. 8 mornings will be used for the instruction. Teaching of Chinese phonetics will be carried out in games and teaching of everyday Chinese will be implemented with participation of Chinese students. The contents of everyday Chinese are of greetings, expressions of time, date, numerals, money, and one’s own opinions.
Presentations: to provide some general information about China, Hangzhou, their history, reform, development and so on.
Sightseeing: to do some sight-seeing in Hangzhou and Shanghai.
Experiencing: to experience some Chinese traditions, cultures and even family life.
The following tables list the detailed activities:
Action Plan
Date Time Activities Description
1st Day Evening Arrival, checking in Two students share a standard double-bed room in HZPT Guest House
2nd Day Morning An opening Ceremony and
welcome dinner A welcome speech and general introduction of HZPT
Afternoon Tour of the Campus To get familiar with the environment
3rd Day Morning Learning Chinese
Afternoon Lecture 1: About Hangzhou The history and development of Hangzhou
4th Day Morning Learning Chinese
Afternoon Tour of the city
5th Day Morning Learning Chinese
Afternoon A tour around the world-renowned West Lake Experiencing Chinese culture
6th Day Morning Learning Chinese
Afternoon Lecture 2: About China The origin of Chinese civilization and brief history of China
7th Day Morning Tour of historical relics in Hangzhou
8th Day Morning Experiencing Chinese family life Returning to school in the afternoon
Afternoon Learning Chinese
9th Day Morning Activity1: Learn to use Chinese brush pen Experiencing Chinese Culture
Afternoon Activity 2: Enjoying making and eating dumplings Experiencing Chinese traditional food culture
10th Day Morning Learning Chinese
Afternoon Activity: Learn to carve seals Experiencing Chinese culture
11th Day
Morning Learning Chinese
Afternoon Visiting Fuyang Experiencing Chinese traditional and modern culture
12th Day
Morning Learning Chinese
Closing ceremony/ Farewell Dinner Issuing certificates for the training
13th Day 8:00 am Leave Hangzhou for Shanghai Touring in Shanghai
14th Day Leave for home Touring in Shanghai/ Leave for home

3. Charging Fees
The charging fee for the program is RMB 6980 Yuan per student. It covers all activities in the program and boarding and lodgings (two students sharing one double-bed hotel room) while in Hangzhou and Shanghai. It does not include the international traveling fees, no insurance and other everyday personal expenses. And the fees should be collected by the organizer and transferred to HZPT once.

III. Application Process
A higher education institution needs to sign an agreement with HZPT before the organizing activities. Then it may promote the programme and have the application from the students. The maximum number of a group of students is not more than 20. And the minimum number is 10. HZPT will provide a free seat for one teacher to head the group.

IV. Contact Information
Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Gaoqiao Campus, Hangzhou Polytechnic, Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, Zip Code: 311402
Tel: 0086-571-28287169 , 0086-571-28287303 Fax: 0086-571-28287169
E-mail: Website:

V. Note
With the requirement for more cities to be visited, HZPT can also cooperate with other institutions all over China with a new standard of charging fees.

Address: No. 198 Gaoke Rd., Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China 311402 浙ICP備09020157號-6