Before you come to HZPT
If you are a foreigner wanting to teach at our college, you should apply for a Z visa(Working Visa) Below are documents you need to send us by email or fax at least two months prior to your departure for Hangzhou:
o Personal CV or Resume
o Copy of Passport photo page Include the photo pages of your accompanying family members
o Copy of Degree Diploma(s)
o One formal recommendation letter (optional)
o Letters from Foreign Affairs Office of Chinese universities where you used to teach at are preferred.
o Copy of the signed working contract
o Health Certificate
o Prior to applying for a Z-visa, check with your regional consulate. You can also receive one upon arrival to Hangzhou.
o A passport photo (2-inch size, colored, no hat)
o Please also tell us at which Chinese Embassy or Consulate you would like to apply for your visa and when you plan to arrive Hangzhou.

o Note:Only “Z” visa is a Working Visa;“F” visa is visa for visiting scholars;“L” visa is for tourists. Z visa is valid for at most one year; F visa is for at most half a year; L visa is valid for at most three months. Foreign teachers should hold a Z visa so that they can work in China.
o Our office will apply for your Foreign Teacher’s Working Permit and Visa Notice Form (Official Invitation Letter) from the government authorities and mail them to your home address. These two forms will be needed when you apply for your Z-visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country. Each accompanying family member you have also needs to complete a visa application.
For specific requirements and a list of necessary documents, visit the Chinese Consulate website. In the United States, visit:

If you move to Hangzhou directly from other universities or schools in China and your current Z visa, Foreign Experts Certificate and Residence Permit are still valid for at least one month, you can extend them in Hangzhou. If you are unable to come to Hangzhou, you should mail the following documents to us at least one month before the expiration date:
o Personal CV or Resume
o Original Passport
o Which should include your current Z visa and residence permit; include your accompanying family members’ documents as well.
o Foreign Experts Certificate (if not original, at least a copy of all pages)
o Copy of Degree Diplomas
o At least one formal recommendation letter (optional)
o Letters from Foreign Affairs Office of Chinese universities are preferred
o Signed working contract
o Valid Health Certificate
o It should be issued from Exit & Entry Administration Bureau or the Disease Control and Prevention Center identified by the government. Include your accompanying family members’ certificates.
o A letter from the Foreign Affairs Office of your current employer that certifies your working contract with them has finished successfully.
o 4 passport photos
o 2-inch size color photo, no hat. Include your accompanying family members’ photos.
We will extend your documents here in Hangzhou and mail them back to you approximately one month later. If you have accompanying family members, please also send us their original passport, valid health certificate and 4 photos.
Commonly we don’t advise you to mail the documents because:
1. There is some risk in mailing your passport and other important documents
2. Occasionally the government won’t allow us to extend your residence permit if they found that you haven’t arrived Hangzhou yet and it may cause us some trouble.
3. The documents can only be extended for at most one year, which means that if you mail them to us in June, it can only be extended to June of the next year, which is not long enough for the semester, which typically ends at the end of June, or beginning of July. We will need to extend the documents again to finish the term. If you have a plan to go back to your home country during the semester break, we strongly advise you to apply for a new Z visa again there.

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