After you arrive
Health Certificate
(Include your accompanying family members; the university will not cover the fee for their health check.)
During your first week in Hangzhou, you need to go to Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhejiang Province for a medical examination. Address:
浙江省出入境檢驗檢疫局( TEL: 0571-87852407/87852408.
No.228, Zhonghe Zhong Road,Hangzhou (杭州市中河中路228號)
You will receive a health certificate three to four days later. The appointment may be organized through the International office (if there are many new teachers going there together) or your assistant student will accompany you there.
Go in the morning without eating breakfast and bring your original passport and 2 photos with you. Accompanying family members also need to do the medical examination.
Currently the health exam costs 170RMB for each person. Give your receipt to the International Office and your examination will be reimbursed; additional family members need to pay for themselves.
Foreign Expert Certificate
Within 15 days of your entry into China, we will help you to apply for a Foreign Experts’ Certificate from the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs in Hangzhou City. Address:
(浙江省外國專家局).TEL: 0571-87052536;
Address: No.32, Baochu Road, Hangzhou.( 杭州市保俶路32號)。
Documents needed for the Foreign Experts\' License:
?Original Passport
?Health Certificate
?Two photos (2 inch size, colored, no hat)
?Formal Contract (please come to the International office to sign it)

Additional family members wont receive this certificate but their names and photos will be attached to yours, so they also need to submit the documents.

The foreign affairs office will help you to apply for the Foreign Experts’ Certificate. It takes at least 10 days to get it back from Hangzhou authority.

Residence Permit for Foreigners
Within 30 days of your entry to China, you need to apply for a Residence Permit to the Hangzhou Exit and Entry Administration Bureau. Address:
(杭州市公安局出入境管理局).( TEL: 0571-87280561)。
Address:No.35 Huaguang Road, Hangzhou杭州市華光路35號.
Documents needed for the residence permit:
? Original Passport
? Health Certificate
?2 photos (2 inch size, colored, no hat)
?Foreign Experts’ Certificate
Include your accompanying family members\' documents as well. The foreign affairs office will help you to apply for the Residence Permit. It takes at least one week to get it back from the Exit & Entry Bureau.
To know more laws and regulations about exit and entry, residence, visa, work and study, etc., visit the official website of If aliens who want to change his/her international driver’s license into Chinese driver’s license, call 0571- 88942017,87281567
The above documents are very important for your legal stay in Hangzhou and they are only valid for at most one year. If you renew your contract with us, you need to extend them before they expire.
The visa office in Hong Kong:
Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in the HK SAP.
Address: Floor 7th, Hua Run Building, No. 26, Gang Wan Road, Wan Zai Area, Hong Kong.
Office Time: Monday to Friday, 9-12am and 2-5pm(except public holidays in HK)
Tel: 852-34132300(24 hours )
852-34132424(office time)
Fax: (852)34132312

Address: No. 198 Gaoke Rd., Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China 311402 浙ICP備09020157號-6